Start/Stop of CALVA

We will give the procedure to stop, shutdown, start CALVA machines and processes.

In case of an unexpected electrical shutdown and that you are in the experimental hall, please use the procedure to shutdown the experiment (except for the computers which are already off …)

The order given below is to be followed to start/restart the experiment


In the mezzanine start all the computers and check that the disks are mounted (for instance « ls /mnt/spsvirgo » should display some folders). If they are not mounted connect on root (using « su -« ) and mount the disks using the « mount -a » command.

When pc-calva4 is ready, you can connect remotely or directly then type the screen command (screen) in a terminal.
Start the Name server ie ${CMROOT}/mgr/NameServer.start, then ctrl a + d, the screen terminal will be detached.

Then you can start the VPM interface on pc-calva16 with the command:
/exp/virgo/projects/VirgoProcessMonitoring/v7r3p5/Linux-x86_64-CL7-4.9.80-hal-4-rtai-5.1/Vpm.exe /exp/virgo/projects/Calva/Configs/Calva/Calva.xml &

You may then also switch on the computers available in the two clean rooms when you will switch on the racks, see next section

Electronics racks

To start


  • the Time Distribution Box (switch in the back)

Clean room 1

  • the VME electronic rack (switch in the front)
  • Mux/demux (switch in the back)
  • 3 daqBoxes + temperature controller (in the small rack)
  • high voltage amplifiers under the Exsqueez in-air table
  • frequency generators next to the small rack

Clean room 2

  • the Time Distribution Box (switch in the back)
  • the VME electronic rack (switch in the front)
  • 1 daqBox

To stop you just need to switch off the different units, take care that all the processes are off when you plan to do it


A description of the different processes can be found here with the different menu entries

then we can start the DAQ processes on the VPM using the following sequence:

  • TolmProcessor
  • DaqBoxTiming
  • DaqBox
  • DaqBoxADC
  • TolmFrameBuilder

Then to start the communication with the DAC channel, start the processes in the following order:

  • Initialisation (to send 0 in all DAC channel)
  • DAC
  • (+ Coils and DAC_LC if you want ot use the coils)

Then you can stop the Initialisation process to send whatever you want to the DAC channel.

And finally to be able to access to the data start:

  • Fbm16
  • Fd50Hz
  • Fd50HzDy
  • FdIODy
  • FdTrend
  • FmTrend

If you want to save raw data, start « FbRaw » but don’t forget to stop it when finished

Then you can rearm the photodiodes and open the shutters using the gears button in front of the DaqBoxTiming process (SERVICE_12) and DaqBox process (for SERVICE_18)

Laser system

  • Start LASER
    • turn right the key on the command box front panel (under the optical table)
    • click on the green button
    • turn the intensity potentiometer right to the choosen value, have a look on table print in the two clean rooms to have calibration intensity – power
  • Stop LASER
    • turn the intensity potentiometer left to 0
    • click on the red button
    • turn left key

Be careful, if you see the LASER with the red button ON, first check that the intensity potentiometer is really at 0 before pushing on the green button. If not, first put back the intensity potentiometer to 0

Ferrarix vacuum tank

Procedure to start/stop vacuum pumping in the Ferrarix tank :