General layout

The general layout of the CALVA’s electronics is the following: electronicsGeneralLayout

Calva is remote controlled with one of the driving PC : pc-calva3, pc-calva4pc-calva5 or pc-calva8. The control software is encoded in C++ whereas command forward and data display are respectively done via Cm and Virgo DataDisplay.

Detailed layout

pc-calva is the quad core real time PC which drives CALVA. MuxDemux_29 delays and directs datas from the ADC. The GPS clock provides a 1pps pulse which is employed to synchronize the Timing Distributions Boxes, the 3 ADC and the Tolm card (interface card between optical ADC signals and pc-calva2’s PCI bus). The PCI DAC card is a PCI-6216V-GL, 16 voltage output channels with +/- 10V so ~600µV resolution. LAL homemade MagicBox have 6 toggle buttons which allow voltage distribution to the coils in order to avoid bad residual voltages addressing after unexpected system restart.

As lateral coils of each mirrors are not power supplied due to a coupling effect with the other coils, ADC channel T1_B1, T2_B2_ et T3_B3 are misused in order to control respectively the temperature and PZT of the 1064 and to lock the 1319 optical power. electronicsDetailedLayout



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